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Free 30 Minute Consulation

This 30 minute call is to get some clarity and to see if this is the journey you want to embark on! Let's do it!

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Intuitive Healing Reiki

Reiki is a gentle, powerful hands-on technique that uses the Universal Life Force Energy around us to heal the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and allows everyone to tap into unlimited life-force energy to improve health and enhance the quality of life. These intuitive sessions include crystals and essential oils chosen for your personal healing.

Sessions are 60 minutes

Intuitive Reiki Includes $75 

  • 60-Minute hands on Reiki with Charka Balance
  • Written PDF summary of session
  • Intuitive Crystals chosen to support your session
  • Intuitively chosen oracle card to support your session
  • Two Reiki infused crystals to take home with you to support you there. (Your first session)
  • Sample of Grounded Heart Reiki Infused custom blend to support you at home. (Your first session) You can purchase a full size 10ml roll-on bottle for a special session price of $15.00 (reg. $20)

Email me here for an appointment!

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Private Yoga Session

All private session begin with a personal inquiry session to gain wisdom into your personal needs. This will help me create a heart-centered yoga practice for you to meet your goals and needs. From here private yoga sessions will combine coaching, energy wisdom, breathwork, asana, and guided mediation. Personal yoga instruction in person or Skype. You will receive private instruction to help you move through any physical and emotional obstacles that you are struggling with.

Session will be 60 minutes. Includes a PDF of poses and/or recorded sessions.

Contact me to schedule an appointment!

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Yoga Flow- An Online Breathing Space

This Yoga Flow has a bit of everything in it. AND true to my style you never know what you are ging to get! BUT remember that you are in control of your practice and you. Let this yoga practice be what your body needs and you adjust to what you need. No worries--this is all about you.

This yoga flow is appropirate for all levels.

Bring any yoga props that you need. I recommend you always have some blocks, a strap, and pillow for your practice.

If you need blocks please let me know! I still have some available.

You will recieve a Zoom link upon registration. You can register at or you can Venmo me at @Jennifer-Martin-504. If you choose to pay by Venmo please leave me your email in the comments or DM here.

Suggested donation $5.00

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Healing Breathwork

Healing Breathwork

Healing Breathwork is a dynamic, powerful, transformational healing meditative practice. This practice is for those ready to dive deep into their healing journey. This is an incredible tool for moving through embodied trauma. This may include traumatic experiences, anxiety, blocked emotions, blocked energy, and depression.

Healing Breathwork can help bring clarity, cleansing, calm, a sense of connection to body, mind, and Spirit.

What is Healing Breathwork?

  • The breath is a powerful way to open up, clear stuck energy, and access your spirit.
  • Two-part inhale, One-part Exhale
  • Opening your heart and connecting fully to your body
  •  It is an incredible tool for moving through embodied traumatic experience, anxiety, depression, blocked emotional energy and so much more.
  • Clarity, focus, creativity, calm, connection to your inner wisdom, embodied connection.
  • Active and engage part of your healing. You are your own healer
  • The breath (oxygen) encourages the brain to relax-take your out of your ego brain and allows you body to take the wheel. 
  • The more a person breaths the faster their energy will open
  • The more a person feels their energy the faster they will release blocks and heal.
  • The breath is the fuel to get the energy moving.
  • What I love about this form of breathwork is that it is rooted in your own breath paired with the powerful witnessing of another person. Although the work is yours alone you are not alone in this practice. 
  • Stirs the pot! Begins to unravel the hidden emotions in the belly and channels them through the heart and releases them out the mouth. 

What to Expect

  • Different from most meditations this is a breath meditation through the mouth. It is a confronting breath but worth it. Two part inhale one part exhale
  • We will start with a short conversation about what you desire to work on in your healing and set intention for the session. I will teach you the breath pattern and we will begin the breathwork part of your session. I will guide you during the 45-minute session and keep you focused on your breath, always checking in with you. Essential oils, inscenes, and crystals can also be offered to support your session. We will close with savasana and reflection. Everyone experiences breathwork differently. Some may feel tingling, temperature change, vibrating, emotional releases. When you are done you may feel calm, energized, open, connected. Again, everyone has different experiences, none are wrong or right. They just are.  

Want to learn more? Contact me at