Integrating body, mind, emotions, and spirit

About Heart Center Healing

I help women heal traumatic wounds through holistic energetic practices so that they can return back to their HEART through love and inner healing.

I am committed to holding sacred space for you. I am committed to helping you find your highest self. I want to help you find your way over that big mountain you’ve been climbing for so long. I will teach you skills to notice how you feel,  how to become aware of the sensations in your body, and how to rewrite the story that is attached. I invite you to dive deeper into the depths of who you are and explore all that you are.

Everything begins with intention. We will begin with a 30 minute complementary session, to make sure that we gel together. From here a more in depth inquiry into your goals and needs will be done. I typically do bi-weekly sessions, for a 3 month commitment. All sessions are 60 minutes.

Peeling away layers of our self can be terrifying. Sometimes the fear can be some consuming that the thought scares the shit out of us and can leave us immobilized. I won’t lie, it is the hardest work that you will ever do.  I will walk that road with you and we will uncover at your pace. Allow me to help you find some tools  that will help you in the discover.  Tools I love to use are visualization, energy work, Chakra balancing, color, energy healing sessions and body work.

Finally, I am committed to showing you that you are who you have been waiting for.