Breathwork for Beginners
JUN 26, 12 - 1:30am CDT
Sliding Scale Event

Breathwork for Beginners

I am so excited to be able to offer the first Breathwork for Beginners.

What is Breathwork? Healing Breathwork is a powerful active and transformative breathing pattern opening the heart center so you can feel the healing power of your breath. It is an incredible tool for moving through embodied traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression, and blocked emotional energy. Healing Breathwork can also bring clarity, focus, creativity, calm, connection to your inner wisdom, and especially embodied connection.

Breahtwok for Beginners will be 30 minutes of talking about the power of our breath and sacred intention setting for your practice. As a group we will move into the breathwork pattern for 30 minutes (Breathwork and Rest). The rest of our time will be getting grounded and reflecting.

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