MARCH 21, 7 PM Central Standard Time

3 Life Changing Tools to Transform your Trauma and Anxiety

Free Masterclass
Saturday March 21st 2pm CST

I'll teach 3 life changing tools to help you overcome and heal your trauma and anxiety.

Transform. Heal. Grow

  • Does it feel like there is an internal battle going on in your body, event feeling like your body is attacking you with anxiety?
  • Have you stopped going places and doing fun things that you used to because your anxiety is so intense?
  • Do you feel like you don't know why you are anxious all the time?
  • Have you tried yoga, meditation, and any other thing (crystals, oils, smudge..) to calm your overwhelming feelings?
  • Do you feel trapped by fear?
  • Are you trying to change your life but find that your past failures keep coming up?
  • Do you desire to have a deeper connection to Spirit, your spouse, your community but find it hard to be committed to those relationships?
  • You have heard of 'Fight, Flight, Freeze' but don't know how to stop it from happening to you?

I've Got YOU- because I have been there! This class is for YOU!