Yoga Foundations
JANUARY 11, 8 PM Central Daylight Time

Beginning a practice in yoga can be scary and intimidating. Wondering if you are doing the pose correctly can often times cause you stress when all you want to do is distress!

This workshop will walk you through the most basic popular yoga poses. We will "workshop" each pose and take time to move our bodies into the pose and to allow the time to really feel into the pose.

Workshop attendees will learn:
*Basic poses
*Breath work to help move your yoga practice
*The use of props
*Sun Salutations
*Basic breathing techniques
*The flow of a yoga class at SoulRide

This workshop will last 2 Hours.

Begin 2020 with a new practice.

This workshop is good for beginners and students wanting to get a refresher.


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725 Commercial Street, Emporia, KS